Spartan Ventures, Inc. Launches Idea Contest


Do you or does someone you know have a great business idea or invention that needs to be taken to market?

How amazing would it be if you woke up tomorrow morning with a high-powered consultant on your team that could help you take your great business ideas or inventions to market without disrupting your busy life?

This is your lucky day.

Spartan Ventures, Inc. is hosting a 14-day IDEA CONTEST where one deserving VISIONARY will win a FREE, exclusive CLIENT CONSULTATION with Spartan’s President, Reg Lapham. After this consultation, you will confidently walk away with next steps to put your business venture on the path to success! Your consultation will be at no-risk and will be completely Client-Consultant confidential under a non-disclosure agreement.

To enter, submit a business plan or detailed business idea to by 11:59pm PST Sunday, February 28.​

Spartan Ventures, Inc. is a strategic venture capital partnership firm made up of 10 highly skilled and successful entrepreneur consultants who actively invest in and help turn-key build start-up companies from early whiteboard ideas to product commercialization! Our firm has collaborated with more than 30 seed or early-stage companies, nearly half of which have already realized successful exits, via strategic acquisitions, IPOs, partnerships and other liquidity events.

To learn more about Spartan Ventures, Inc. visit us at or follow us on social media ​@troopspartan. Please tag & share this exclusive offer with your visionary ​friends!

Posted on February 14, 2016 in Early Stage, Social Media

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