My Finny Looking for Testers of Beta Version


Finny is an app developed to interrupt your child’s device usage by triggering a custom quiz.

You Set the Rules by identifying unproductive apps and set time limits, select content categories and configure rewards and penalties. They Play the Game, demonstrate knowledge, develop time management skills and collect finny coins and badges.

Finny is currently looking for users to test their beta version and offer feedback. Download Finny for you Android device here. Coming soon to iOS.


The average child in the US spends more than 3 hours daily glued to social media and mobile games. While the negative social and behavioural effects are obvious, recent studies have linked prolonged, uninterrupted screen time, with the rising epidemics of attention deficit disorder, poor academic performance, insomnia and obesity. This medical argument for improving our device habits cannot be ignored. Simply  interrupting this screen time can be hugely effictive redirecting a child’s attention elsewhere, ideally to some positive or educational pursuit.

With almost unlimited access to mobile devices and technology, this wasted time has become increasingly difficult to monitor. Finny challenges parents to get engaged and finny provides them with a practical and productive solution. Family involvement in education is the greatest predictor of success. A child’s first and most formidable teacher will always be the parent so we have real responsibility to get involved.

If we confine learning to classrooms, teachers, and traditional academic subjects we are doing our children a disservice. In order to compete in the global marketplace we need to spark intellectual curiosity and promote a culture that values education. This is our duty and will ultimately give our children a brighter future. Finny is excited to be a small part of this solution.

Download Finny for you Android device here.

Posted on November 4, 2015 in Early Stage, Government/Education

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